Celebrating Dinezon

In 2014, not one book by or about the renowned 19th-century Yiddish author
Jacob Dinezon had ever been translated into English. Now there are five.
Find out why the Jewish Daily Forward called Jacob Dinezon,
“The Greatest Yiddish Writer You Never Heard Of.”

Jewish Storyteller Press Books by Jacob Dinezon

Jewish Storyteller Press is a small, award-winning independent publishing company committed to using print‑on‑demand and e‑book technology to bring English translations of 19th-century Yiddish writers to 21st-century readers. Founded in 2007 as a way of celebrating Jewish literature, culture, and values, our goal is to publish new translations, adaptations, and original stories based on the works of once-famous Yiddish writers such as Sholem Abramovitsh (Mendele Moykher Sforim), Jacob Dinezon, I. L. Peretz, and Sholem Aleichem.

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