The Dark Young Man

By Jacob Dinezon
Translated from the Yiddish by Tina Lunson
Edited and Adapted by Scott Hilton Davis
Published by Jewish Storyteller Press
Raleigh, North Carolina, U.S.A.
ISBN 978-0-9798156-3-8

Jacob Dinezon’s powerful and emotional first novel, The Dark Young Man was published in 1877 and quickly became a runaway bestseller. The story relates the insidious efforts of a seemingly pious young man to prevent a bright and admired yeshiva student from studying the worldly knowledge of the Jewish Enlightenment. I. L. Peretz wrote, “Never had such a righteous hatred flamed over all that’s bad and evil as over the Dark Young Man, who, with his intrigues, annihilated a family of blameless souls.”

With the eye of a social reformer, Jacob Dinezon’s Dark Young Man delves deeply into the personalities and politics of Jewish life, addresses the growing opposition to arranged marriages, and confronts the growing disparities between rich and poor in urban society.

Called “the first long novel and the first sentimental novel written in Yiddish” by literary historian Shmuel Niger, The Dark Young Man, is a revealing, fictional account of mid-nineteenth century Eastern European Jewish history, social life, religion, and culture by a masterful storyteller and beloved writer.

Coming in 2019.


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